“Into the Ocean” Portugal Mural

10 days of painting, bicycle rides, rainy afternoons, noisy construction days, sunset visits to the ocean and views across the canal of the iconic city of Porto, Portugal. The Mural Title: “Into the Ocean” Dimensions: 40′ x 10′ x 0′ Medium: Acrylic Paint Location: Oporto Hostel, Porto, Portugal.  Length: 7 days, 4-6 hours a day….

Ballard Kiss Cafe Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA

Proud to announce for the month of January 2015 I will be displaying my work at Ballard Kiss Cafe in Ballard, Washington. I am super excited as it is a lot of my new work. Featured are 12 different acrylic pieces, its a great show be sure you check it out! Thank you Ballard Kiss…