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Couths Buzzards Books Installation, Greenwood Seattle



This piece was very special to me at 7 feet by 5 feet the painting was dedicated to Ms. Ruby who passed away at the young age of 18 after a fight with cancer. An amazing woman that I was so fortunate to meet through the eyes of her family, friends and amazing community. The bookstore Couths Buzzards Books at 83rd and Greenwood in Seattle has placed this piece where her beautiful artwork was displayed the last two years. She was a talented photographer and chose to highlight the “shadows of cancer” and the daily life she led while going through treatment.

IMG_0626    IMG_0629


Above is the detailed poem that Theo wrote about crows and their symbolic value in this reality.

Ruby is represented in the painting as well as Ruby’s bass guitar, keyboards she played, the megalodon an extinct shark that is fierce and represents her power animal. There is also red feathers, a yellow brick road, and a beautiful and intricate poem inside of the tree that is a poem Ruby’s father Theo wrote. Theo is the reason the whole project took off as he would meet me weekly and tell me stories about Ruby and the life she had. I also learned of his travels and inspiration for creating a bookstore. It is so much more than that.

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Below are a couple of different links about Ruby where you can see her artwork and hear from her community.

The Hidden Shadows of Cancer, Ruby’s Art and Childrens Hospital

King 5 Showcases the Legacy of Ruby



The piece has a lot of symbolic meanings as it shows who Ruby was and the community that continues to live out her spirit through open mics, jams, community gatherings such as Spanish club and books clubs. Its a place for the people of the neighborhood to have a cup of coffee, read a book, greet a neighbor or make a new friend. Its a special place with a special heart. Ruby’s mother, Kate ironically worked for Children’s Hospital for almost 25 years as a clown making children’s days as she ignited the hospital rooms with laughter and love.


I loved making this piece as it is the reason why I make artwork. I believe that the spirit of our loved ones can be relived, valued, remembered, and healed through making and viewing art. I believe that the images can make us alive again and remember that to die is not to die, but to live in the hearts that we leave behind. This piece hit home for me and I could not of been happier to leave Seattle on a high with the piece now permanently installed in the Bookstore. Be sure to check it out, say hello to Theo and Kate and get to know Ruby through my art.

Ballard Kiss Cafe Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA


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Proud to announce for the month of January 2015 I will be displaying my work at Ballard Kiss Cafe in Ballard, Washington. I am super excited as it is a lot of my new work. Featured are 12 different acrylic pieces, its a great show be sure you check it out!

Thank you Ballard Kiss Cafe, and to Raymond Owens for helping me set up the show.

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La Paz, Bolivia


Busy, fast, zippy, old and smoggy type of city. At an elevation of 3,650 meters (12,00 feet) with a population of 2.3 million. My most favourite thing about Bolivia so far: The Zebras. That is right, Zebras. I am not talking about the animal, I am talking about the humans who are paid to dress up as Zebras in full body costumes and be the patrol for the pedestrian crossings. Not only do they dance, and flail their arms everywhere, but they also give hugs and little notes of encouragement to people that pass by. There are murals throughout the city in dedication to the Zebras. It is in many Bolivian cities and they are well known and loved by many (including children who I saw hold tightly onto the Zebras). It was just too cute and I could not stand just being friends with these Zebras.



La Paz was where I went walking and walking and walking and walking. Market after market, stores for buying local clothing, bread, electronics, corner stores, liquor stores, teenager stores, bead stores, string stores, shoes stores, leather stores, and endless amount of stores. Funny thing is that every single store that is similar to one another and sells the exact same thing is always found next to their competition. I still do not understand why they do not separate and get different parts of town and make more money. But this is how it is, one street for one thing in particular. However this makes shopping easy and you can compare prices without having to go far as well.



One of the markets that was the most interesting was the largest outdoor market in South America in La Paz called “El Alto” which is located just above La Paz and could be considered (but not technically) another city of its own. Many people tell you to not go alone, to not bring a camera, and that people would rob us; but like everything else in South America, people are scared for no reason. We had no problems, only met nice local people, and never felt unsafe. In fact we decided to walk down from El Alto after through the city and that was one of my favourite parts of the while La Paz experience.





During my visit I went to Mount Chacaltaya at 5,420 meters above sea level. It used to be the highest ski lodge in the world until…about 15 years ago it stopped snowing. Can you say global warming? Now it barely snows there and the ski lodge is abandoned. If you start sneezing, you know that the altitude is getting to you as your brain starts to swell and this is how it releases pressure. The view was stunning and actually the mountain that we saw was the same mountain that Paramount Picture uses in their opening reel. Try running in elevation that high, you cant. Try breathing full breaths, you just cant.





The same day the tour continued and we continued to the Valle de Luna which was a lake that dried up about 9 million years ago. Walking at the bottom of this lake is incredible as the water formed beautiful statues and sculptures that mirror what the moon would look like if you were to walk on it. It was absolutely incredible to see first hand in one day how the climate changes over time! Mountain weather changing and huge lakes drying up.


I decided to get a new prescription for my eyes for glasses and contacts as my one in the United States is up. Bolivia is super cheap for getting anything health related and it cost me $30 Bolivianos for an appointment and $120 Bolivianos for glasses. In total costing $13 USD.


I painted a little canvas with a friend and we installed it at Cafe el Mundo where we would constantly drink coffee and eat delicious food. My friend Roberto is from Sicily and it was nice to be a little creative! We also found some friends to help us paint as well. I think they caused more damage than good, but it was nice company.