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La Serrana, Colombia – Mural


Where: Salento, Colombia. It is a small town in the coffee region of Colombia. It offers some wonderful coffee tours, hiking, horseback riding, and gorgeous scenery. This place was definitely a stop I would suggest for people that actually want a vacation. The energy of the mountains are gran and infectious. I painted this mural in the kitchen of ¨La Serrana ¨ a hostel about 25 minutes within walking distance from the town. They offered vegetarian meals in their restaurant, camping, nice movie theatre room

What: The mural was located in the kitchen about 35 feet long and 5 feet high. The mural wrapped around the kitchen and was split into thirds. This was the best paint that I have used on all my travels as the owner is from New York and we had the same idea of what acrylic paint was.

Length of time: Three weeks painting about 5 hours a day.

Accommodation: I spent the three weeks in a tent! This was my favorite accommodation yet! I also had meals at the restaurant that were amazing. While at La Serrana I chose to beome vegetarian as well!

What I learned: Working in communal spaces can be exhausting. I had a lot of people cooking around me and even spilling on the mural! I would prefer a place more secluded, but it was a great experience. Often people would interrupt me while painting or ask if I worked at the hostel.







No Hay Aqua y Seunos Verdad


Thank goodness they still had coffee without water, iced coffee too!

For two days in Cartagena there is no water! It happens for two days every week. Could you imagine your life without water for two days? How much more would you appreciate water? In the restroom you have to manually flush them with buckets of water which made me think so much more about how much water I consume; even cooking is not possible without it!

On another note today I am in a cafe planning my next mural. I want it to be a city scape yet flowing abstract piece of Cartagena. I am traveling around the city taking pictures of the buildings I want to draw and starting in the morning. Who knew I would be sitting in a cafe, drinking my favorite cup of coffee, sketching and preparing material for a huge mural in a gorgeous house that over looks the sea in downtown Cartagena. I dreamed this dream and now it is real. When do I wake up?