A Keen Mural in Ericeira, Portugal

The third mural stop on my 3.5-month journey of creating murals throughout Europe landed me in Ericeira, Portugal: a special village beach town located just 45 minutes outside of Lisbon. Here, I spent a couple of days walking through cobblestone alleyways with old white buildings with blue and yellow painted accents. I found myself walking every…

“Into the Ocean” Portugal Mural

10 days of painting, bicycle rides, rainy afternoons, noisy construction days, sunset visits to the ocean and views across the canal of the iconic city of Porto, Portugal. The Mural Title: “Into the Ocean” Dimensions: 40′ x 10′ x 0′ Medium: Acrylic Paint Location: Oporto Hostel, Porto, Portugal.  Length: 7 days, 4-6 hours a day….