Dos Semenas en Bogota

I an blessed that this family in bogota has so graciously let me stay with them. I am able to be a part of the culture and meet friends, attend church, go the gym and l have a normal routine.

We went to the International Art Fair. It showcased stunning art from all around the world, but mostly from South and Central America. It was a great to see pieces from the amazons and from the countries that I am about to visit!

IMG_8250 IMG_8246 IMG_8251


IMG_8300 IMG_8297 IMG_8298

Above are just some photos of Colombia, traffic is horrible, people are everywhere, and cars will not stop for you!

While at church service (4 hours long) there were ten 9 year old children all around me asking me questions, about US music, and just wanting to hear me speak English. In particular there was a little girl named Kiera who was 5 years old and we were drawing pictures together and she was teaching me words in Spanish. So pure and amazing how children just love people and do not see anything else but who you are. She kind of blew me away, how warm she was to be my friend.

During service I started a conversation with six 17 year old boys who were hilarious trying to communicate with me. They were so intrigued, almost like I was a celebrity. They said that they have never seen or let alone spoken to an American before. They were helping me with Spanish as one of the boys watches youtube videos in English and understood enough for me to communicate with them. Diders friends are my age and many of them know some snippets of English and are fun to communicate with as well.

I am learning is how to just be present and pay even more attention to the energy that people give off. When people ask me questions in Spanish and I do not understand, we have to find some way to communicate and understand each other. I feel like I am playing a constant game of charades.

People are so patient with me and so intrigued with English and want to interact with me that who of people will watch me try and practice. It’s like nothing I have ever experienced.

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One response to “Dos Semenas en Bogota”

  1. Molly, I absolutely love reading about what you are doing and experiencing. I can read (hear in your voice) how excited you are which makes me that much more excited. Stay safe, sweetheart, and continue to immerse yourself in the culture and experience. Love it.

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