Hola Hostel Vida

This week I have split from my couch surfing experience and gone on my way to the hostel scene. It is very different from the authentic and amazing family and community feel that I was so blessed to be able to do. I am grateful to the family and will cherish those first memories of my trip and Bogota that I had with them.

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Onward to my first hostel, the Candels Hostel which is pretty quiet compared to all the others that I have visited. I like that because I can go out and meet people, but if I want to stay in it is a nice place to do that. I quickly met a friend from Cali, Colombia who has visited this city for many years. He has many connections and showed me around. We hostel hopped, met some new friends and went out for the night. He got us into many bars and clubs. These clubs are like mazes with multiple levels, endless stairs that lead to secret rooms and different music. The dancing is amazing. Nothing like I am used to, much more cumbia and salsa!


Yesterday I climbed Mt. Monserrate, a Mountain that is on a hill overlooking the city. It has a church at the top and you can either climb the stairs that will take you one hour or you can take a little ride in a elevated car (which was extremely packed with people) and do it that way. I went with my two flat mates, from Mexico and Italy and we decided to walk up it. They were not keen on the idea at first, until we found out the line was an hour and it would take an hour to hike. It took quite some convincing but we were off! It was much harder than I expected but so much more interesting as there are vendors selling sweets, beers, jewelry and religious ornaments.

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Much of the food here is not healthy for you! I keep thinking of my vegetarian and vegan friends back home.

There are endless amounts of carbohydrates and fries foods. While on the hike there was candy, fried food, sweets, and beers people were selling. I thought to myself, ¨that is the last thing I want right now when I am working out and super tired¨. However everyone was drinking Mountain Dew or soda and that was how they were quenching their thirst. It makes me think about how privileged I am, especially in the Bay Area to have such amazing foods that are natural and so readily available. On the other hand, the juices here are so amazing and natural. I had a fresh cup of orange juice squeezed from oranges just picked and it was out of this world!

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