Futbol Maniac Millionaires

Oh my goodness, I could not believe my eyes! To my surprise soccer, (futbol) in South America is actually one of the funniest things I have ever experienced. The finals were yesterday, Bogota V. Medellin. Nothing was open while the game was on. No bars, no taxis, no restaurants silence in the streets. Contrasted to the World Series play offs in San Francisco where the streets and bars are overflowing with restaurants of people. ¨Where is everyone¨, I thought. This is so strange! I heard that these playoffs get intense, but downtown Bogota showed no sign of a game.

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The game ends as Bogota scores the winning goal in a shoot off! Now is the time to head to the streets! That is what we thought! Well, the stadium is just 40 blocks away lets walk towards it and see if there is any action. A couple blocks later, nothing. A couple more blocks later, nothing. We take a bus that some people wearing jerseys get onto and there is a huge group of fans singing songs, okay this is nice. I kept seeing San Francisco in my mind and how they were celebrating after wining the world series and this celebration did not make any sense to me!

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Wait a second, what is that? Why are all of those people covered in foam. Why is that car covered in flour and foam? Why are there hundreds of people hanging out of their cars soaked in white foamy and powdered things?

We turn a corner, get off the bus and I was not prepared for what happened. People come out of no where with these fire extinguisher type things that spray foam on you, right in your face, and it smells like bubble gum. Its a little scary though because people are almost violent about it.

The main intersection by the stadium is covered with cars stuck in traffic and people running around like crazy people. The police are lined up close by in full armor ready to act if this crowd becomes violent. I thought ¨Should I be here?¨. It was crazy.

Madness coinciding with the chaos the city already had, this party was out of control! I was soaked in foam and flour, not prepared at all for that. The party lasted all night, but all I could take was a couple of hours. Oi! It was madness! Definitely an experience I am still laughing at.

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