Guadape Hermosa

The town of Guadape was absolutely breath taking. It was the first time this trip where the landscape really blew me away. I am learning to take my time with whatever I am doing, and to just enjoy all the ups and downs.

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I love day trips! You get to experaince another world within a city you live in. Typically you can catch a bus every half hour to almost every city in the country. Super easy and the buses usually take anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours to get from city to city.

Every trip is different as I always travel with new groups of people and the dynamics are always different. This was one of my favorite day trips as the group was quite hilarious. There was a french man in particular who made me laugh as he played his gutair wherever we went. He even played it on the bus and on the train! Quite a character.

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At Guadape you have to take a bus 2.5 hours from Medellin to the town where you climb 700 stairs to the top of a rock. The rock overlooks the most gorgeous scenary of lakes and islands and green lushious land for miles. I have never seen anything like it before. Unbelievable. I had to take myself aside for a couple of minutes as I have realized how time and taking things in can sometimes slip away. I am seeing so many new things, and experaincing so many new views that I find that I can become numb.


This one is for Kimberly. Enough said. What I am working on is being present, focusing on the moment, and taking in everythng slowly and with appreciation. This group in particular was helpful with that as they were slow moving, easy to please, and more free spirited than anyone I have ever met. I think at one point when we went to the town the 5 of us just wandered around not speaking a word but just being present. In total I was with 3 french men and an english lady. All around 21-24 years old.

Fascinating all the things that I am learning. Not only about South America, but other cultures around the world as well. I feel beyond blessed and lucky today.

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