Santa Fe de Antioquia

I took a short day trip to a town near by. I went with my friend from school, Monique. We took a 6am bus to the pueblo Santa De de Antioquia (about 2hrs outside of Medellin).


We hailed a tiny moto-taxi to Puente de Occidente, a 291m bridge constructed in 1887 that rocks like an earthquake when you walk it, but is still used for car, motorcycle, and pedestrian transportation. When we returned, the pop: 12,000 town was waking up for the Navidad festivities with a street fair, a live brass band playing from the balconies, holiday church services, and a pelea de toro.

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I loves small towns the best because people are so excited to meet tourists. Colombia is just starting to get tourists and its pretty amazing that I am the first for some people to speak with that is a native english speaker.

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The best part of every pueblo is the plaza, where we found ourselves resting and chatting with the locals (an older crowd with great stories). The genuine warmth of the people and of Antioquia is definitive of the holiday spirit. 7 8 9

I stole some of the information from Monique but it was amazing to get to spend time with her and practice our spanish with the locals!

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