Did you know? Fun facts about Colombia

Thinking about making a trip to Colombia? I traveled 4 months in Colombia alone and as a woman in my mid twenties I never ever felt unsafe but rather just the complete opposite. I never found myself alone and the people were the warmest people I have met in my life, so willing to open their homes and share their lives with me.

I bought a one way ticket to Bogota in December 2012 for $250 from Jetblue, which has great deals into Bogota. It is a country that had the least amount of tourists, people take showers and wash their clothes when it rains, it has the most tasty fruits, super friendly people and beaches that you can camp or put a hammock up and just walk for days and days along white beaches with turquoise layered warm water.

colom Colombia is the 26th largest country in the world.
colom Land wise Colombia is the size of California and Texas combined.
colom There are more fruits in Colombia than days in the year.
colom Per square kilometer Colombia has the same population as the United States
colom Coffee plants in Colombia are not native to Colombia. Many of the plants come from Africa.
colom Colombia is the third largest export of coffee behind #1 Brazil, and #2 Vietnam
colom There are over 130,000 different types of plants in Colombia a third of which are endemic species. It’s also estimated that, a minimum of 2,000 plants haven’t been identified yet and even greater number have yet to be analyzed for potential medicinal purposes.
colom Colombia has the worlds second largest exporter of cut flower after the Netherlands. About 1 billion worth of flowers are exported every year, mostly to the United States.
colom People from the United States buy 300 million Colombian roses on Valentines Day.
Colombia produces the largest percent of the worlds emeralds. Some estimate that the mines in Colombia may actually contain up to 90 percent of the worlds emerald deposits.
colom Colombia is the only South American nation to have coastlines on both the pacific and the Caribbean Sea.
colom Colombia has nearly 1,700 recorded species of birds, 74 which are native to Colombia

if you are thinking about going there, GO! The only thing you need to do is a buy a ticket!

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