Canoa, Ecuador

Canoa is a small beach town with a handful of hostels, beachside restaurants, no ATM in town, and a popular surfing spot with caves on the beach for exploring. Many new business have started on the beaches. Literally shacks started popping up on the beach a year ago and all of them who sell food or juice during the day and blast their music ALL the time!

In Canoa there are gorgeous sunsets and tranquil walks you can take on the beach. There are even caves you can check out as well! Just walk to the ride side of the beach if the tide is out until you hit the end of the beach and have to take the stairs through the cliff side. Bring shoes it will hurt just in bare feet and then after a nice walk you come to a couple different caves where bats live.

20130501-172228.jpg 20130501-172121.jpg

For the past week I stayed at a little hostel that runs yoga. I don’t think anyone knows about the hostel part though because my friend Steven and I were the only ones that stayed there the whole week. Wait, I lied. We did have one friend with us at the hostel. It was a little 3 week old kitten! Kind of ridiculous and overbearingly cute that couldn’t control how many times it meowed.

At the hostel we were put in charge of showing people around if they inquired about how much it cost to stay here. They gave us a great price for my tent $2.50 USD a night and for a room, $6.00 USD. Other places in town start anywhere from $8.00-10.00 so not bad. Camping is the way to travel, I am glad to glad to have a tent now.


For the week Steven and I would wake up and make eggs and veggies with smoothies, swim in the ocean all day long, and then make dinner and dance the night away. It was so lovely to have a friend from back home with me. I definitely did not get as much negative attention from men and was able to put my guard down a little bit. Almost a vacation from my traveling vacation.

I didn’t think I would be staying that long in Canoa (one week) but unfortunately I got really sick! I had a temperature of 102 degrees F (38.8 C) and it was literally 90 degrees F (32.2 C) outside. It was horrible but I was thankful my friend Steven was here to take care of me. I don’t know what I would of done without him and the kitten.


Getting back to the beach in Canoa has been great! I’ve made some awesome contacts here and feel ready to move on. I met a lovely couple from Tacoma, Washington who are into permaculture and farming so we are going to a WWOOFING spot next. WWOOF stands for World Wide Organization of Organic Farming. It’s almost always free to chip in 3-8 hours of work in farms all over the world for a room and food. It’s going to be amazing more on that soon!

One response to “Canoa, Ecuador”

  1. Wow. I just read your last 7 posts, one right after the other. I’m now caught up – and smiling! Your experiences you describe are fantastic. I’ve said this before but I love reading about what you’re doing, a nd especially looking at your pictures. Looking forward to the next one……………

    Love, Uncle Neal

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