A Mural at The Gottardinis Finca en Tupungato, Mendoza Region



The Weeping Willow Mural, Tupungato, Argentina.

Welcome to the Gottardini’s, the farm of love and care!


What: A large mural of a “arbol saucey” which means willow tree in English. Inspired by the energy the actual tree they had on their property it was reminded me of my childhood on vashon island because we had a willow tree with a swing on it. I loved that tree.

Nestled at the base of Volcano Tupungato in the Midsts of the Andes Mountain range, flowing tinkering rivers, hot sweaty heat, delicious fresh food and good company!  This mural stands out to me and came at a perfect time for my last weeks in South America.

  SAM_3806  SAM_3839  SAM_3820

SAM_3830   SAM_3829

SAM_3822   SAM_3980

The Gottardinis, an Argentian family full of enthusiasm and love. They welcomed me and my friend Jimmy with open arms and love.

SAM_3845  SAM_3847

SAM_3716 SAM_3715

SAM_3931 SAM_3904

Here is Orlando the owner and one of the wisest loving men I have ever met. Enthusiastic about everything he taught me important lessons including how to stay true to yourself, love family and enjoy life.

SAM_3863  SAM_3843

SAM_3787 SAM_3751 

The ride to Tupungato was incredible you cross from Chile through the Andes and into Argentin. Literally when we got off the bus at the bus station we were greeted with family, dogs, a stop for coffee and milk and then before you know it we met uncles and aunts and nieces and nephews and father in laws and friends.

SAM_3731 SAM_3888


We made homemade pear jam that we picked from the trees and ate meals together. What a lovely treat!


Here is the shower, you fill it up with water (the bucket) with a hose and then it gets connected to a plug to be heated. Amazingly funcational and sustainable. I want one whenever or if I get a house!

SAM_3973  SAM_3969

We got a little carried away with paint one night but life on the farm was simple. We went swimming in a little lake by day and cooked together by night. Beautiful life!

SAM_3804  SAM_3802

We also attempted to sun dry tomatoes. Here is Orlando above with the tractor. He said that he would rather just work with one process of the wine process as its important to keep things simple and be passionate and really good at one thing. I respect him for that.

SAM_3930   SAM_3912

It is a quaint town, super friendly people. We arrived in great timing as summer season is harvest season in Mendoza Region. The first two weeks of march are called Videmia which celebrates the “cosecha” or harvest. It’s the largest and most important celebration in the region and thy even had a beauty pageant declaring queen of the videmia! All the orchards were busy with workers picking “uvas” or grapes.

SAM_3879  SAM_3881

Orlando was kind enough to take us on a tour of the area, including a look at some of the harvesting, wine tasting and a visit to the river. He collected bugs by hand and then tried to fish for trout. This guy is great!

SAM_3877  SAM_3891

SAM_3871  SAM_3870

At the farm there were Walnut trees, olives, cherries, watermelon, corn, apples etc. and we were welcomed to pick and eat or cook with whatever we desired. I was in heaven.


SAM_3952  SAM_3949

We camped the whole week, fell asleep to crickets and moonlight and would have tranquil days enjoying the sunshine on bike rides, drinking beers in town, and hanging out with the family durin asados!


SAM_3844   SAM_3801

SAM_3790   SAM_3789

Here is Teresa, such a joy to have connected with her. This is her first painting that she made with courage! It was done with oils on the outside of the house. She is from Italy and we spoke only spanish. Just 19 years old can you belive it, pretty incredible lady!

SAM_3831  SAM_3945


Where: Tupungato, Argentina. It’s located about 2 hours from famous wine capital Mendoza. Tupungato is Known for its quality wines and friendly people.

Accommodation: Fresh veggies and fruits and nuts and beer and we had our own little house and kitchen. I camped at night but by choice it was such a beautiful place underneath walnut trees in an orchard.

   SAM_3805  SAM_3797

SAM_3746   SAM_3748

What I learned: Family is important. The way this family would spend time together, have asados (BBQs) was inspiring. I learned that walnuts have two shells, that the Andes are a beautiful mountain range and that you can do anything you set your mind to.

SAM_3887  SAM_3709

SAM_3703  SAM_3705

Here are some murals I found in Santiago that I loved! Just a side note!

SAM_3698   SAM_3697

One response to “A Mural at The Gottardinis Finca en Tupungato, Mendoza Region”

  1. molly. realmente no me alcanzan las palabras para agradecerte tus conceptos, te has referido exactamente a lo que es mi vida, y a lo que me gusta de la vida. por eso te digo simplemente gracias, y sabes que dejaste entre nosotros un espacio tan grande que siempre te pertenecerà, tupungato, los gottardini , siempre sera tu casa….
    tu gran mural te mantendra curiosa de un dia volver a verlo, ahi estarà, lo cuidare como cuido de la vida misma. lo atendere como merecen los amigos. el sauce, mi gran y antiguo sauce LE DISTE LA VIDA ETERNA…

    orlando gottardini

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