Bike Touring Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur & San Luis Obispo


Biking, biking and more biking! I cant believe what my body has gone through these last two days through Big Sur some of the most epic and beautiful landscape I have ever seen. I drove through the same highway senior year of college for a spring break trip and knew I loved the mountains and the Cabrillo (1) Highway. But this time, and at this pace was truly a different and fulfilling experience. To be apart of the hillside and experience every bump and lump and up and down changes the way you see the views.The sea breeze becomes a release and the sun becomes a source of energy and a source of pain as 2 pm rolls around and the air is thick and hot without shade in sight.

IMG_1035  IMG_1038

We get a “Hike and Bike” fee while camping and its only $5 at state campsites which is great because you can meet other cyclists. Here we met a little boy who wanted to show off his bike to us, and on his helmet he is wearing our bands sticker. Also here is Carolyn hoola-hooping with our friends tent poles ha. Gillian in the background of course with dance moves to boot.

IMG_1026  IMG_1031

Seals. The seals were crazy, there were hundreds of female seals that were trapped on the beach by the male elephant seals and they were mating! There were babies and there was a lot of animal sex happening and it honestly was a horrific experaince. It would loud, it was ugly. Enough said about these seals but there were a lot of tourists taking pictures and enjoying the scene. Of course we had to stop by and see what the commotion was all about.

IMG_1009  IMG_1032

Carolyn and Gillian are above they are just a match made in heaven and have been buds since college. Its been so wonderful to hang out with both of them and get some serious sister bonding time. Gillian and I have been sharing a tent which has made for fun sleep overs and these two make me laugh all day long. Unfortunately I only have one more week with them and they are leaving in LA! Dont go!

IMG_0965 IMG_0969

IMG_1019   IMG_1030

Here is the view we pretty much had the whole time, ocean and more ocean. Gorgeous sunsets and even more gorgeous night skies. We found a beautiful hot spring called Esylan and found ourselves underneath the stars bathing in hot sulfur water overlooking the ocean. Pretty incredible experience with shooting stars and magical people around. Special night we had!

IMG_0990 IMG_1004

We met another cyclist who has been going about 5 months since Boston cycling by himself. What a nice guy, Valentin and he had a great little cycling system with his water bottles in the front and even shared coffee with me. This goes to show how many cyclists are out there, and almost at all of our rest stops we would run into other people like us! Well, not as crazy but still riding! People even started saying that they have heard of us! Here is a little instagram he shot of us.

IMG_0984 IMG_1059 

So in touring with a band one of the magical things that we get to participate in is music. We got the privilege of being in a music video for two songs. Pretty funny we had Carolyn and Adley’s room mates drive in front and behind us filming us singing and dancing on our bikes through Big Sur. Pretty Epic.

IMG_0928 IMG_0927

There was a wonderful bike path that led us to monteray. I could not believe how northern and central California was so biker friendly. Way more signs and lanes than I had ever seen in the Bay Area or Seattle. Pretty amazing biking communities with friendly people everywhere to help us out when needed (or not needed! 🙂 )

IMG_0986 IMG_0981

Adley and Carolyn fixing Bikes, yes we sometimes have problems with our bikes. Yes, it requires patience and going with the flow. In our group we have two teams that will cook 3 days on, 3 days off. Those teams are required to cook and clean for the meals. Of course everyone helps out as needed but we all share food and cook together.

IMG_1050 IMG_1052

Adley and Carolyn stopped at a sign, these two were made for each other. Good combination.

IMG_0939 IMG_0957

IMG_0941 IMG_0944

These past two days were brutal but rewarding. Interaction with my bicycle in a new way, getting in the swing of things and really just enjoying being in the present moment and enjoying going slow or enjoying not doing anything. This time is for the now and for the moment. I love my bicycle I have a beautiful appreciation for my legs and how strong my mind is. It requires a lot of mental stability and self encouragement. You cant think too much!

IMG_0949 IMG_1070

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