San Ignacio & Mulege, Mexico

The adventure continues and then there were 5! 1 French woman, 2 French men, 1 American man and me!

Desert, desert and more desert. Even through the sea of Cortes gleaming and shimmering beauty we were surrounded by desert! I am talking about hot, hot, hot heat.


The climate is now starting to wear on me. Every day taking the tent apart and cooking three meals, then riding in up to 100 degree heat and at the night deciding where to sleep and setting your home back up again. Lots and lots of work!

We made our way to San Igancio a small oasis in the desert that had a lagoon and Palm trees surrounding the area. Stunningly beautiful there we stayed at a bike house or “Casa de ciclestas”. We stayed three nights and I painted a little mural there of the world so cyclists could put a little dot from where they came from on the painting. Pretty amazing! I painted in acrylic and oil just right along side the outside of the house.

Here is the group, right before our ride to Santa Rosalia where we saw the Ocean for the first time in a week and a half. 

     Here is one of our stops where we spent the night at a shooting range. We did not realize it was a shooting range until the morning. Unfortunately we arrived at night and just had to settle with whatever place we found! Of course it was safe and a wonderful spot for sleeping.



We had an amazing couple Gayle and Paul agree to take us in through warm showers. We slept outside on the roof no tents just sleeping bags and a pad. Wonderful for the full moon! You could watch it rise and fall gracefully through the night. Stunning. We were so lucky to spend time with this family as they treated us like we were their children.

They took us out boating, whale shark watching from kayaks, swimming, eating, going out dancing, meeting so many of their friends, and laughing all together it was a beautiful week! Thank you Gayle and Paul!


We had a great time at their place, above is a picture of the hitch hike we got going into town. We met a wonderful boy and his parents from Mexico and Peru. I gifted him a small glad dolphin that Paul made. Paul used to blow glass at the San Diego Sea World. Now he just has a studio in his house and makes gorgeous animals to sell to tourists. He is a great guy and even let me take a turn blowing glass! I made a necklace.


We also went to Loretto and spent the day there, adventuring around and getting to know some of the local people. We had a bright neon pink and purple sunset too!

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  1. Yes, hard, but what an experience you’ll take with you for the rest of your life! As always, love the pictures, Molly. Can’t wait to see the next batch from Catalina!!

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