About Molly

I’ve had the Painting Molly Blog for 8 years now.


Traveling around the world!

Bike Touring!

Intimate Look at the Process of Creating!

Community Art!

I started the blog in 2012 as a 24 year old woman as I left the United States for the first time for Bogota, Colombia. It was also the start of my mural making the journey.

The blog is named painting Molly, well because my name is Molly and I paint.

This is a picture of me in Inlé Lake, Myanmar early 2020.

Check out my online portfolio of services and offerings here. 

I’m Molly, Molly Keen. I’m a Muralist, Cyclist, Wood Worker, Pedicab Operator, Meditator, Restaurant Server, and enthusiastic world Traveller.Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 6.26.17 PM

I’m originally from Seattle, Washington but lived the past 10 years in Oakland, California. But I’ve spent years in other countries learning and growing my love for Art.

My passion is in spreading art to the masses, creating ways in which people can get more involved in their community and within themselves to find creativity.

My specialty? I paint large-scale murals full of bold, colorful, and whimsical lines. Many times with the involvement of youth and adults to create alongside me.

One day while I was teaching Art to 30 people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s at the young age of 22 my Director of the non-profit asked me, “Molly, you are a degree in Art…please won’t you paint the wall in the art therapy room?”.

“Oh no, I can’t do that”, I said.

“Well the paints and $500 are in the room, get started when you can okay?”, Michelle said.

“Alright, I guess I can do it”. I fearfully replied.

I’m so thankful to Michelle and also to all the walls that I have painted, perfected, and breathed life into.

I take care of my walls, their surrounding areas, the neighborhood, and people who live within them and of course care for my clients with the same love I would for my family and myself.

Since then I have painted more than 40 murals in Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

img_9990I paint because it adds life and excitement to our neighborhoods with an original flare that is designed to make people feel something….anything…because no emotion is wrong when we look at a design.

I just want people to feel.

My goal is to activate streets and spaces that otherwise would be forgotten.

Please explore, ask questions, get involved and if you need a little bit of inspiration I’m here for you!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. leggypeggy says:

    Hi Molly, I’ve posted a blog entry about your mural in Puerto Maldonado. Hope you like it.

  2. jsletto says:

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! Hope you liked what you saw. Nice to meet you . Cheers!

  3. It’s hard enough to practice art in a studio but to do it while travelling!! Great art and attitude! I couldn’t stop reading and looking.

  4. Michael says:

    Hi Molly
    contact me on Skype
    my Name all together plus 1
    saludos migue from palomino:) dreamer hostal:)

  5. Jesse Moore says:

    Hi Molly, we met at REI the day before you were leaving on your trip. I am enjoying following you, as you go. Look me up sometime when you return.

  6. Neil Hudson says:

    I spotted you through Gypsy Cafe window as you pulled up with all your bike gear in Sebastopal.
    Wow. That you came from Vancouver and seemed so energized and happy was amazing.
    I hope I can get to Oakland and see your show on Saturday.
    I remember visiting a mental hospital in Punta Arenas. Chile. It is on the south tip of patagonia.
    The art work on the walls was extraordinary. Only shows, art heals and is universal.

    1. Molly Keen says:

      Hello Neil! Yes, I remember and then we saw you again on the route out of town! Thanks for saying hello! Nice to chat with you and thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

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