Hi – I’m Molly Keen!

I make Murals all over the world. I’m a Wood Worker, Touring Cyclist, Traveler, Sprinter Van Dweller, & Lover of People!

I showcase an intimate look into the process of each mural creation & that travels that is takes to get there!

Be sure to check out Team Building Murals & Molly Keen Art my projects that also create colorful murals!

2020 Muraling in Thailand

I created a mural midst the full moon madness! Is the Koh Phangan  hype all that they say it is? I created a mural in the jungle, well sort of.  The entire time it took 6 days total to complete,…

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Public Art in Dublin, CA

I smelled like cedar for the first couple of hours I started working on this project. Added a couple layers of gesso and then started with color. My first commission of the year and an exciting project with the City…

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My Largest Mural Yet, ‘Portland Perspective’

It is with pleasure I present to you, “A Piece of Portland,” a playful interpretation of the Portland cityscape through iconic buildings and locations throughout the city. Here, imagination is boundless through the whimsical style, while the viewer can also…

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Public Art in Lakewood, Colorado

I created six mailboxes for the City of Lakewood, Colorado and the 40 West Arts District. The series is called “Poem Mailboxes” and showcases unique mailboxes created for gardens, birdhouses and the use of upcycled materials. The works are interactive…

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