130-foot mural in Seattle, Washington

My Longest Mural to Date

Each mural is incredibly different.

What I love about painting is that you never know what to expect. Each client, wall, city, and place have their own stories to tell.

This mural has connected students and neighbors to their community to feel a deeper sense of connection and belonging.

That is exactly what this mural has done for the High School.

6:00 am. Ballard, Washington.

Early morning joggers from the community flood the sunken-in football field that stands below 67th street.

9:00 am: Football team practice begins, and in August you can bet they practice twice a day in preparation for the season to come.

12:00 pm: Freshman orientation! I witnessed over 200 excited freshmen entering their first “in-person” schooling for 1.5 years.

3:00 pm: Woman’s soccer practice, the head coach comments every day on my painting. I appreciate compliments from the people who use the field consistently. There’s also the occasion in middle school across players practicing on the wall and the 6 friends riding bikes to playing at the park.

5:00 pm: Football practice again could be the J.V. team but they are wearing similar colors as the team that practiced early in the day. The parking lot floods with parents picking up their children.

I stand to watch the whole day observing the way that this football field brings together the community.

8:00 pm: the sun starts to set and I met some regular walkers who enjoy playing frisbee with their dogs in the neighborhood.

10:00pm: I am still busy working away and starting to do projections for the lettering and logos for the mural. Sometimes I use the projection for these very specific parts.

A whole football field in width – let’s learn more about the mural!

What a pleasure it was to paint for Ballard High School in Seattle, Washington.

The concept was developed almost two years before we started the actual mural painting. I worked with their Principal who, all the parents at the high school described as “the most dedicated and school spirited faculty they had ever known for a High School”.

The work took about 7-8 days with a day or two in-between when it rained.

Upon completion, I applied a topcoat or as many people call them ‘anti-graffiti’ coat which was from Sherwin Williams.

Click here for the link to the actual coating Ithat I used for this project.

  • It is basically a water-based 1-2 dry time.
  • It takes about 5-7 days to cure.
  • Best with painted surfaces or metal.
  • Low VOC and can be used inside or outside.
  • I love the price point of this product.
  • I haven’t experienced any of the “yellowing” some other top coats have created.

I hope that the mural offers a deep sense of community for the High School and that they love it as much as I do!

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  1. Molly, it’s perfect!!

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