Summer and Art’s Community Mural

Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 6.36.23 PM

I love creating communal work where youth and adults get to create alongside me! This one was over the span of two days and we really enjoyed some live music, entertainment all around, great food and good people. I cannot wait to come back next year. Thank you for having me!

This summer, I helped to create a “Paint by Numbers” mural with over 40 children and adults! It was set on the stunning Eel River, which last year, I saw almost dried up. There has been so much rainfall this past winter and the parks and rivers are still seeing glacier run off from it! Incredible for California it needs it!

Mateel Summer and Art’s Festival took place in July for its 41st year! Incredible community located in Garberville at Benbow Recreation on the river. Camping and tons of music, this festival is open to all ages and especially can accommodate children! I worked with mostly young children to create this piece. Please, enjoy the time-lapse below!

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